Claim Turned Down?

We are often contacted by property owners who have already spoken to their insurers about their damaged septic tank, soakaway, cesspit or treatment plant, only to be told that they are not covered.  Sometimes this might be the case – for example, if you opted not to have accidental damage on your policy – but often we find that insurers get it wrong.

The challenge with drainage insurance claims is that everything happens underground.  You can’t always see the damage that has been done, all you know is that your septic tank was working fine one minute, then suddenly things started to go wrong.  The significant majority of households in the UK are connected to a main sewer, and the only thing that can go wrong is in the relatively small section of pipe that runs from their house to the property boundary.  It’s a very different story with septic tanks and other off mains drainage systems.  Not only are they big and expensive to repair or replace, but they can also stop working for a variety of reasons, which may not initially be obvious.  Add to this the complication of the numerous bits of legislation and the regulations that you must adhere to when dealing with these systems, and it can cause a real headache.

At UKDP, we specialise solely in septic tanks, soakaways, cesspits and treatment plants.  We know exactly how they work, and what can stop them from working.  A thorough inspection is crucial in finding out what’s happened, and our experienced team will then let you know whether the damage to your system should be covered by you buildings insurance policy.  If we believe that it should have been covered, we will be happy to take this on for you and to challenge the decision that your insurer has made.

Contact our team today for a free assessment of your claim, and to find out more about how we can help.