Drainage & Septic Tank Insurance

Are you looking for septic tank insurance?

At UKDP we get a number of calls from property owners asking for septic tank insurance. It’s understandable, really, because you have this great big expensive bit of kit under the ground at your property – and what happens when it goes wrong?

If you have a prang in your car, you have car insurance to cover it. If your (darling) 5 year old knocks your treasured new widescreen TV over, you have contents insurance to cover that too. So what about when you have septic tank problems?

The truth is, you are probably already covered. Most people are unaware that around 85% of buildings insurance policies provide cover for damaged septic tanks.

You see, there isn’t really any such thing as septic tank insurance. And no, it’s not because insurers don’t want to go poking around in such unpleasant matters. Most property owners are actually already covered under their existing buildings insurance policies, even though they may not realise it.


Am I already covered?

Most customers we deal with are often surprised and unaware that their existing buildings insurance gives them any cover for damaged septic tanks, cesspits, soakaways and sewage treatment plants. It’s hardly surprising though, as insurance policies can be difficult to interpret at the best of times.

The cover will typically be found in your policy documents, under the section entitled ‘accidental damage to underground services’. You do need to be very careful when selecting a buildings insurance policy, because it’s becoming more common for insurers to offer the ‘accidental damage’ section of a policy as an added extra that you need to opt into, instead of being a standard part of the policy. If you don’t already have it in place, you can often contact your insurer to get it added on, in case you should need it in the future.

Tackling insurance policy documents might sound daunting, but don’t worry, because at UKDP we spend most days looking at insurance policies and having discussions with insurers around whether cover exists for damaged septic tanks. We are the UK’s only specialists in managing insurance claims for damaged septic tanks and other drainage systems. Yes, it is pretty niche – but if you’re having septic tank problems, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have any questions about septic tank insurance, or you are having any septic tank problems, call our team today on 0800 028 9903 or contact us here.