Septic tank repair, installation and maintenance in Berkshire

The UKDP team works throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas, and we appreciate that there are a number of more rural areas where properties aren’t able to connect to a main sewer.

These properties will typically have their own self contained drainage system, such as a septic tank, soakaway, cesspit or sewage treatment plant.

Are you having septic tank or soakaway problems in Berkshire?

Nasty niffs coming from your septic tank? Toilets taking longer to flush than usual?

If you’re starting to have some problems with the septic tank or soakaway at your property, you might be wondering whether it is in need of repair or replacement.

It is possible that some problems with your septic tank can be resolved quickly and easily – for example, by emptying the tank if it is overflowing. Firstly, check out our guide on what to do if your septic tank is overflowing, hopefully the problem can be sorted out easily.

If getting the septic tank emptied doesn’t get rid of the problem, then it’s important to get a septic tank inspection carried out as soon as possible. A full inspection will tell you exactly what the problem is, and most importantly what needs to be done to put it right.

The good news is that the costs to repair or replace your septic tank might be covered by your existing buildings insurance – and we can look after everything for you. We are the only UK specialists in managing insurance claims for damaged septic tanks, and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for claims handling.

From registering a claim all the way through to getting any works undertaken, we manage everything on your behalf. The only cost to you is any excess due on your policy.

We make sure that our customers don’t have to pay out for costs that they have already paid an insurer to cover, so call our team today to find out more, or watch our video about how we manage a claim below.

Are you looking to install a septic tank in Berkshire, or does your current septic tank need a little TLC?

Whether you are installing a drainage system at a new property, or replacing an existing septic tank, we can help. There is a lot of legislation around the correct installation of septic tanks and soakaways, and our specialist team at UKDP can manage everything for you.

If you have a septic tank and simply want to make sure that it is ticking along as it should be, ask us about our Septic Tank Health Check – think of it as an MOT for your septic tank. It’s a great way to reduce the possibility of future problems with your septic tank and soakaway.

Our team covers the Berkshire area, so call our friendly team today on 0800 028 9903 or contact us here.

Septic Tank Problems in Berkshire

We cover Berkshire and all surrounding areas.

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5 Star Rating Icon "“I was unaware of the service offered by UKDP until I was referred to them by the drainage contractor whom I had approached to get a quote for repairing my septic tank. UKDP took up my insurance claim and followed it through with my insurers, keeping me informed every step of the way and successfully ensuring that it was dealt with speedily and that the repair – a full septic tank replacement – was done in record time, as I was in the process of selling my house. I am extremely impressed by the professional, courteous and effective service provided by UKDP”"
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