Soakaway Repair

Is your soakaway in need of repair?

A soakaway system, or drainage field, is a network of perforated or slotted pipework. It carries the waste water away from your septic tank or sewage treatment plant, allowing it to percolate through the subsoils. This provides a form of treatment of the waste water, and enables the waste water to pass into the ground without causing any pollution.

What’s causing the problem with your soakaway?

You may notice that you have a soakaway problem if you see dirty water pooling above ground. Unfortunately, this will not only look unpleasant, but it may also create some nasty niffs that you would probably rather not have in your garden! You may also notice your septic tank or sewage treatment plant needing to be emptied more frequently – this could be because the waste water is backing up into the tank from the soakaway.

Soakaways can become damaged in a number of different ways:

  • Roots from local trees and shrubs can grow through soakaway pipework
  • Vehicles driving over the soakaway can cause pressure on the soakaway pipework, resulting in it becoming crushed or broken
  • Damage to the septic tank or sewage treatment plant can mean that the wrong type of waste can leave the tank, effectively blocking the soakaway pipework and preventing it from working properly.

See our video here for an example of how damage to a septic tank can affect the soakaway.