Homebuyer drainage surveys – don’t buy without one!

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We receive a number of calls and emails from property owners who have recently purchased a property connected to a septic tank, cesspit or sewage treatment plant, and who have found soon after the sale has gone through that there are significant problems with the drainage system.

A standard property survey may look at the drainage system, but many issues will not be apparent above ground, or indeed may not be obvious at all to anyone other than an expert in these systems. Unfortunately, once a sale has been completed, it can be very difficult to retrospectively negotiate when drainage problems are found – especially when the costs to repair or replace the system can be high. Similarly, the new owner’s insurer won’t cover any damage that would have been caused before the property was purchased.

If you are buying a property not connected to a main sewer, it is vital that you instruct a specialist company to undertake a full and thorough inspection of the system. It is crucial that you know exactly what type of drainage system is in place (as the ongoing costs to empty different systems can vary hugely) as well as knowing the condition of the entire system.

Call UKDP today if you are purchasing a property that is not connected to a main sewer. Our local specialist contractor partners will be able to provide you with a thorough investigation to highlight any issues that may exist. Indeed, if there are problems that may be covered by the existing owner’s insurance policy, UKDP can manage this claim on behalf of the current owners to ensure that the sale can still progress. Call our team on 0845 519 5033 or email info@ukdpsolutions.co.uk.

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