Is our drainage claims handling service too good to be true?

Claims handling | By Sam Warren

Well, on the surface, being told that the drainage claims handling service we offer sounds 'too good to be true' seems like a really nice compliment. But it's something that we hear a lot, and we wonder if sometimes it might stop people with septic tank problems picking up the phone.

If we told you that we could get your septic tank (or cesspit, or sewage treatment plant) repaired or replaced for £100*, and that there would be no other cost to you for our expert team to look after everything from start to finish, you might think 'that sounds great!.' Then you might think 'hang on a minute, how does that work? How can that be right? Maybe I could just ring my insurer myself since it seems pretty straightforward.'

After all, our team puts in a lot of work when we are managing a septic tank insurance claim on behalf of one of our customers. From a full detailed septic tank inspection, through to preparing a report for insurers (being certain to make sure any recommended works are fully compliant), meeting the insurer's representatives at your property, and undertaking all the to-ing and fro-ing to get the claim and any works needed agreed. Now, 'to-ing and fro-ing' doesn't quite cover what's ACTUALLY involved in that part of the process. Some insurers are pretty good, they usually have some technical questions that we can deal with, then we'll agree the works that need to be done, and how much it will cost. Some insurers are not so good. And I say that in the politest way possible, just in case any of them happen to read this (sorry Mr Insurer, we love you really).

You see, we deal with many insurance claims which are turned down by insurers. Surely if the insurer has turned it down, it's not covered by the policy, right? No, not always. Here at UKDP we know all about septic tanks and insurance claims. It's all we do, and as a result we've gotten a little geeky about it. We know what's covered by insurance and what's not. As a result, we only present claims to insurers when we know they're valid - doing anything different would be a waste of our (and your) time.

So, when claims that we present get turned down, which they do sometimes (and frequently by one particular drainage company who works for insurers, but we won't name and shame), we don't panic. We may get cross at the injustice of it all, we may even stamp our feet a little, but we certainly don't panic. Instead, we get to work producing our detailed technical complaint as to why they are wrong. And if we need to, we take the complaint on to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Before I forget, these are the reasons why all this is best left to us, rather than dealing with your insurer yourself. Trust me when I say that things are rarely as straightforward as they seem!

So, how can we do all this work at no cost to you? Well, there's the thing - there's no cost to you, but we don't do it for free. If your claim is successful, the only cost to you is your excess (*the £100 I mentioned earlier - they're typically around that). If your claim isn't successful, then there's nothing at all for you to pay. Our costs (and a little extra for biscuits in the office) are covered by the contractor who undertakes the works at your property. You see, we're not a contractor, but we work with a network of brilliant septic tank companies across the UK, and they are the lovely people who would undertake the works at your property if the claim is successful. So whilst we love what we do, we don't do it for free, and if we do our job well, we do get paid for it.

Don't just take our word for it though, here's what Ms S from Warwickshire said about us (I promise you that Ms S is a real person, it's just that we like to keep our customer details private!):

"A very helpful, friendly and completely stress-free way to submit, justify and settle my insurance claim. I have to admit to some initial scepticism about a service that sounded `too good to be true' - but good and true it was! Everything was handled smoothly and professionally, and all I had to pay was my excess. Another happy customer."

Ms S from Warwickshire

If you're interested, or after a little more reassurance that we are as good as we say we are, you can read more of our testimonials here. We love sorting out septic tank problems and getting our customers' lives back to normal - and these testimonials give us a little warm glow inside!

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