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Impartial septic tank expertise for UK-based Professionals

Are you a property manager, a loss adjuster, surveyor or a construction company? Chances are that some of the properties and projects you get involved with will include off mains drainage systems such as septic tanks or sewage treatment plants.

If it’s not something you come across everyday then off mains drainage can seem daunting. Unfamiliar terminology, complex regulations, the very real risk and dire consequences of causing environmental pollution. Acquiring and maintaining enough knowledge and expertise just isn’t feasible nor sensible for most professionals and organisations. Apart from us. We are UKDP, the UK’s off mains drainage experts. With decades of experience, we know everything there is to know about off mains drainage.

  • Septic Tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Cesspits
  • Soakaway Systems & Drainage Fields

Your go-to source of off mains drainage expertise – from consultancy through to installation

We can save you time, money and hassle by guiding you through the challenges. Tell us what your problem is, or what your project is trying to achieve. We’ll work with you to fully map out a plan and, if you want, work with you to get the physical work done. You get things done quickly and efficiently, safe in the knowledge that everything is completely compliant.

Get us involved as soon as possible

The earlier we get involved, the quicker we can start adding value. Getting us onboard from the start enables us to turbo-charge your project just at the point that you might otherwise find yourself getting stuck in technical and regulatory weeds. We can stop you doing what isn’t required, whilst ensuring that you don’t take a course of action that will lead to headaches further down the line.

Tailored pricing for every project

No two projects are the same, so we don’t rely on off-the-shelf pricing packages. Instead, we’ll take time to understand what needs to be achieved, scope out how we can best assist you and then provide a full quote with clear timings and deliverables. We can then tweak and amend until we have the perfect plan of action.

Ready to get going?

For a no-obligation initial chat, call our Technical Director, James Warren, on 0800 028 9903, or email A world of impartial off mains drainage expertise awaits.

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