Septic Tank Inspection

Moving house? Having problems with your septic tank?
You may need a septic tank inspection!

Nobody really wants to think about poking their nose inside a septic tank to see what’s going on. Or worse, climbing inside for a closer look! Luckily, the experts at UKDP are here to help. If your property is having septic tank problems, or if you are buying a new property connected to a septic tank, it’s really important to get a thorough septic tank inspection carried out.

This usually involves emptying the septic tank, and carrying out a CCTV drainage survey of the pipes leading to and from the septic tank itself. The structure of the tank itself is also checked for any possible damage such as root ingress or cracks, which is usually done with a camera lowered into the tank. Luckily, cases when someone actually needs to get into the tank itself are quite rare!

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Home buyer drainage surveys – don’t buy a property without one!

If you are buying a new property which is connected to a septic tank, or any other off mains drainage system, a thorough inspection of the system at the property could save you thousands of pounds. A typical house buyers survey will only take a very basic look at a property’s drainage system. Often this simply involves lifting manholes to see if the drains are flowing. In many cases, the surveyor will note that no obvious problems were spotted, but that it would be advisable to get a more thorough drainage survey undertaken.

Here at UKDP we get many calls from property owners who didn’t take this advice, and who unfortunately in a matter of months become aware of problems within the property’s septic tank which can be very costly to put right. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the previous owners were even aware of any of the problems though. This is because some problems underground can take months before they’re noticed above ground. All this makes it all the more important that a home buyer drainage survey is undertaken, because a quick look see is rarely enough to know if there are any issues.

We totally understand that once you have your heart set on a new home, the last thing you want to find out about is any potential issues – particularly relating to drainage, which is not really a subject that anyone wants to deal with! But a property’s drainage system is no less integral than its foundations or its roof, and your property is the biggest investment you will ever make, so don’t make a move without knowing exactly what you’re taking on. If there is trouble brewing underground, it doesn’t need to be bad news. A thorough inspection will let us know whether there are any problems – and if there are, we can guide you as to exactly what might need to be done.

Even better, we are the UK’s only specialist claims company for damaged septic tanks. So if there are issues that could be covered by the seller’s buildings insurance, we can manage a claim on their behalf even as the sale goes through. This can save time and money for everyone involved.

What’s involved in a septic tank inspection?

We can undertake an inspection of any off mains drainage system including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspits. The most important thing is that the tank is emptied on the day that our engineer comes to your property. We know that this means an additional cost, but it’s really important in making sure that a septic tank inspection is as thorough as possible. If you need any help at all getting this arranged, we can do this for you. You see, if a septic tank is full when we inspect it, we can’t carry out a thorough inspection of the walls of the tank. It could be that there are splits or fractures which can cause future problems.

So, what’s involved in a home buyer drainage survey? One of our engineers attends your property on the agreed day, and will be there either when the tank is being emptied or as soon as possible afterwards. We use two types of cameras to investigate the condition of the drainage system:

  1. A high quality digital camera lowered into the tank, which allows 360 degree footage to be taken of its walls. We can check the condition of the tank as well as making sure that any dip pipes or baffles within the tank are in place.
  2. A specialist CCTV camera which is used to survey any accessible pipe work running to and from the septic tank. The footage from this camera tells us about the condition of the pipework, and enables any issues to be picked up.

We will provide you with a home buyer drainage survey report which will include:

  • Confirmation on whether or not the septic tank is the right size for the property (as per Building Regulations 2010 Part H – don’t worry if you’ve not come across that before, we’ll explain it all)
  • Whether or not the system is compliant with current legislation and the new General Binding Rules due in 2020 (don’t be put off by all the legislation talk, that’s why you have us on your side!)
  • Any damage found within the tank such as cracks or splits in the walls, or tree root damage
  • Confirmation that any dip pipes or baffles are in place – these are the things that ensure that the septic tank can separate out the waste, and prevent any of the solid stuff from leaving the tank (which causes all sorts of soakaway problems)
  • Any recommendations if problems are found.

We’ll also give you a disc with a copy of any CCTV footage we undertake of the drainage system – although we doubt it will be a popular watch in your household!

Septic Tank Health Checks

Your car gets its MOT every year, so why shouldn’t your septic tank get the same TLC? If a septic tank needs to be repaired or replaced, unfortunately it can often be just as expensive as getting your car back on the road. The UKDP Septic Tank Health Check gives you regular peace of mind that everything underground is working as it should be, and can help to spot any issues early before they turn into bigger problems which may be more costly to fix.

Not only this, but if you should ever come to sell your property in future, it would clearly demonstrate that you have regularly inspected your septic tank, providing additional reassurance to any seller.

As part of our service, and as experts in managing insurance claims for damaged septic tanks, we will also check your current buildings insurance policy to make sure you have the right cover in place, just in case anything goes wrong in the future. Most people are unaware that you don’t need specific septic tank insurance in place, and we can help to make sure you’ll be covered if any damage happened.

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