UKDP for Insurers

UKDP - Impartial drainage expertise for the Insurance industry

Impartiality is at the core of everything we do. Whether we are working on behalf of the policyholder, the insurer or any other stakeholder, we approach our investigations in exactly the same way. We ascertain the facts, we overlay our extensive expertise, and we deliver reports and recommendations that are fair, even-handed and robust. Every time and without exception.

Off mains drainage is a complex area and the success and longevity of our business is based on a holistic understanding of it. We know and understand all the regulations, we know what will work and what won’t, we know how policy wording relates to off mains claims and we know how the Financial Ombudsman Service interprets it. This means we can help clients from within the Insurance industry get to the right decision, first time, every time, quickly and cost-effectively.

We can help with mains drainage works as well.

We have in-house mains drainage expertise recruited directly from within that branch of the industry. We combine that expertise with a carefully selected and managed panel of contractors. By combining off mains and on mains drainage services we can deliver a game changing solution for our clients. UKDP is a one-stop shop for all your drainage needs. That means just one supplier to manage, seamless consistency of approach and the same great service no matter what the nature of the drainage problem.

So, the policyholder is treated fairly and achieve the outcomes they are entitled to. Our clients can leave complex off mains claims for us to investigate and manage. And, by keeping everything under one roof, achieve efficiencies that put vital man hours back into their business. All underpinned by our unrivalled impartial expertise and complete dedication to customer satisfaction.

To find out more about how UKDP could help your organisation call Pete Lawson on 07799 519 929 or by email at

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