Septic Tank Inspection

Moving house?  Having problems with your septic tank? You may need a septic tank inspection!

Nobody really wants to think about poking their nose inside a septic tank to see what’s going on.  Or worse, climbing inside for a closer look!  Luckily, the experts at UKDP are here to help. If your property is having septic tank problems, or if you are buying a new property connected to a septic tank, it’s really important to get a thorough septic tank inspection carried out.

This usually involves emptying the septic tank, and carrying out a CCTV drainage survey of the pipes leading to and from the septic tank itself.  The structure of the tank itself is also checked for any possible damage such as root ingress or cracks, which is usually done with a camera lowered into the tank.  Luckily, cases when someone actually needs to get into the tank itself are quite rare!

Pre-purchase drainage surveys – don’t buy a property without one!

Get your septic tank inspection booked today!

If you are buying a new property which is connected to a septic tank, or any other off mains drainage system, a thorough inspection of the system at the property could save you thousands of pounds.  A typical house buyers survey will only take a very basic look at a property’s drainage system.  Often this simply involves lifting manholes to see if the drains are flowing.  In many cases, the surveyor will note that no obvious problems were spotted, but that it would be advisable to get a more thorough drainage survey undertaken.

Here at UKDP we get many calls from property owners who didn’t take this advice, and who unfortunately in a matter of months become aware of problems within the property’s septic tank which can be very costly to put right.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the previous owners were even aware of any of the problems though.  This is because some problems underground can take months before they’re noticed above ground.  All this makes it all the more important that a pre-purchase drainage survey is undertaken, because a quick look see is rarely enough to know if there are any issues.