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Septic tank, sewage treatment plant and cesspit installation

We have built a trusted network of the best septic tank installers across the UK, contractors who share our commitment to delivering excellent service, combining this with expert local knowledge to give you the best options available.

Making sure it's compliant

The installation of an off mains drainage tank such as a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or cesspit can be daunting and complex.

There are rules and regulations in place around off mains drainage, relating to all aspects of installation - from the type of tank that is appropriate for a property, through to exactly where it can be installed, and what kind of ground conditions are required.

It’s crucial to ensure that any septic tank installation is compliant with all regulations, as failure to comply could mean that the installation wouldn’t be approved by Building Control - or worse, you could leave yourself open to prosecution.

We use our expertise to ensure that the systems installed at the projects that we manage are compliant with all applicable legislation.

The installation

The physical installation we leave to the experts, partnering with our trusted network of the best septic tank installers across the UK. We only recommend companies that share our commitment to delivering excellent service and perfect outcomes.

In any complex cases, such as those involving multiple properties or tanks, we can utilise our knowledge and project management expertise to oversee any installations or works required. If you are simply looking for a quotation for an installation, we would be delighted to recommend one of our expert local partners.

Sewage treatment plant diagram

Sewage treatment plant installation

Installing a new Sewage Treatment Plant is a major undertaking. This video explains the process from start to finish.

Whether you are looking to install a new septic tank at a property, or replace an existing one, get in touch today.


How long does a septic tank installation take?

This can vary depending on factors such as the weather and the access available at the property, however most septic tank installations can be completed within a week.

Will I have to move out during a septic tank installation?

Not usually. The septic tank installer will commission the new septic tank before capping off the old one, causing minimal disruption to the property owner.

How do I know which rules and regulations affect septic tank installation?

There are a number of regulations in place affecting off mains drainage systems including septic tanks, and it’s really important to ensure that any installation on your property complies with these. We have produced a Guide to Regulations which explains the main regulations and how they might affect property owners.

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