Percolation Tests

A percolation test is an essential part of any off mains drainage system installation, to make sure you get as many trouble-free years of service from the system as possible. Our team can undertake this important assessment for you.

Over the years, we have undertaken hundreds of percolation tests. But what are they and when are they required?

What is a Percolation Test?

Soakaway systems can be used to take the wastewater from either a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant. Its a network of perforated or slotted pipework which allows the waste water to percolate safely through the ground without causing pollution.

A percolation test is a way of assessing the ground conditions at a property to determine what type of soakaway arrangement might be suitable. If the ground is found to be suitable for a drainage field, a percolation test also helps to determine how big it needs to be.

What does it involve?

The percolation test itself involves digging three test pits in the area of ground where you are planning to install a soakaway system, and measuring the speed at which the water drains out of the pits. The test is usually carried out over two days.

When are they required?

A percolation test should always be carried out if a drainage field or soakaway is due to be installed at a property. A percolation test is not required for a sewage treatment plant to discharge straight to a ditch or a watercourse.

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Do weather conditions affect percolation tests?

Yes, weather conditions can affect percolation test results, which should not be carried out during periods of heavy rain.

In what instances would a percolation test fail?

A percolation test would fail if the water drained away too quickly or too slowly from the test pits. A test would also fail if the test pits filled with ground water immediately following excavation.

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