New Sewer Connections

Does your property or development need a new sewer connection?

If you are looking to connect to mains drainage, UKDP - The UK Drainage Professionals, can manage your sewer connection project from start to finish.

New sewer connections can be complex and time-consuming, with various applications to local authorities typically required, and can involve road closures and traffic management. Whether you are connecting a new property or development to mains drainage or looking at the options to connect a property with an existing septic tank to mains drainage, the UKDP team are here to manage all aspects of the project for you.

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How it works

A managed process, from start to finish.

Working closely with property owners, property developers, planners and architects we take the stress and administration of connecting to a main sewer away by managing the process from start to finish:

  • We undertake a thorough site visit to assess and discuss the works requirements and to answer any questions about the process and the works required

  • We provide a quotation and schedule for the works required, focused on working within any project timescales in place

  • Our team start the necessary applications to the local council (a Section 50 and a Section 171 application which are for road opening licenses). Our team hold the necessary street works licenses required to be able to carry out these works

  • We then make a section 106 application to the local water authority in order to gain their consent to discharge into the public sewer

  • We liaise with all third parties involved in the works, including water authorities, councils and suppliers to confirm plans and agree on timescales

  • Our works crew carry out the connection to the main sewer, overcoming any challenges encountered during the works

  • We ensure that the works are signed off by the water authority

  • All areas affected by the works are reinstated, and we provide a full guarantee on the works carried out by our team

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We provide a highly professional service both on-site and in the office – our team has decades of combined experience in all aspects of managing complex drainage projects to high standards.

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A new demarcation manhole at the request of the water authority


How much does a new sewer connection cost?

There are a number of variables which can have a big impact on how much a new sewer connection costs, and at UKDP we ensure that we take each fully into account before providing a quotation and specification of works. Factors that can impact the new sewer connection cost include:

  • The distance from the property to the main sewer, and therefore the extent of the excavation required

  • The depth of the main sewer that the property needs to connect into, which in turn affects whether the pipework being installed can work on a gravity basis or if a pump might be required to ensure the wastewater can reach the main sewer

  • The local Water and Sewerage Company may specify the need for an additional manhole to be installed over the point of the connection to the main sewer

  • If work is required in the highway, then there will be a need for traffic management and sometimes a full road closure

  • If the pipework to be installed for the new sewer connection crosses third-party land, then easements will need to be put in place to confirm this

The above factors need to be taken into account whether the new sewer connection is to a foul water sewer, a surface water sewer or a combined sewer.

New sewer connections are typically complex drainage projects and the cost of a new connection is difficult to estimate without first gaining an understanding of the property and the works that would be required. Contact our team today here or on 0800 028 9903 and we can arrange a visit to the property to assess the works required and to provide a quotation.

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Do I need to apply for a new sewer connection?

Yes, it is necessary to apply for all new sewer connections. A Section 106 (Water Industry Act 1991) application is required to be submitted. If the overall project is covered by a planning application, this must be granted before the Water and Sewerage Company can approve a new sewer connection application.

This application needs to include the location of the sewer you wish to connect to, at which point you wish to make the connection and who owns the sewer. This is relevant because if it’s a direct connection to the sewer you only need the Water and Sewerage Company’s permission, but if it’s an indirect sewer connection via a private drain then the permission of the owner will also be required.

In order to aid the application, UKDP provides a detailed drainage plan in scale showing the entire site. This drainage plan typically includes:

  • All buildings and roadways

  • Location and direction of flow of all private sewers/drainage

  • The proposed connection point to the public sewer

  • Site location plan in scale 1:500 - 1:1250 showing the site boundary within the surrounding area

  • A copy of planning permission if relevant to your project

The application is assessed by the Water and Sewerage Company, if approved a consent to connect is issued and the works must be carried out exactly as described within it. All works will be inspected.

The UK Drainage Professionals can manage all aspects of your new sewer connection application, contact our team today here or on 0800 028 9903 to get started.

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