Home Seller Drainage Survey

When selling your property, you want to ensure that you can get the best price possible for the sale, and also that the sale can go through without any last minute glitches or renegotiations. Drainage systems such as septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and soakaway systems can often be the cause of last minute problems. A Home Seller Drainage Survey is the best way of being able to confidently tell prospective buyers exactly what condition your drainage system is in, meaning you can avoid any unexpected issues.


Why is a survey important?

Get on the front foot when selling your property, to avoid last minute problems.

Having a Home Seller Drainage Survey carried out puts you on the front foot when selling your property. It means that you can confidently advise the purchaser that all is as it should be, and can avoid any last minute problems with the sale if the purchaser identifies a problem late in the process.

If the survey does identify any issues with the system, you can get them in hand on your own terms before selling the property. Maximise your selling price and reduce the risk of delays with our Home Seller Surveys.

Standard Home Seller Drainage Survey

VAT Included
  • A thorough tank inspection by one of our experienced engineers
  • A written report on the condition of the tank
  • A summary of any issues found, recommended remedies and guide prices
  • Guidance on the system’s compliance with the legislation change in 2020
  • A copy of our guide to the regulations impacting off mains drainage
  • A regular newsletter full of useful hints and tips
  • Peace of mind from knowing what’s going on underground

Includes a £50 voucher to be used against a future UKDP Septic Tank Health Check.

Home Seller Drainage Survey Plus

VAT Included

The Home Seller Drainage Survey Plus includes everything from a Standard survey and also includes:

  • CCTV camera survey of all accessible pipework
  • A detailed, standards-compliant WinCan inspection report
  • A copy of the CCTV footage is available for you to keep

Includes a £100 voucher to be used against a future UKDP Septic Tank Health Check.

What’s included

You will be provided with a thorough report which provides everything that you need to know about the system, and outlines any action you might need to take. The report will also provide estimated costs if any works are required.

Choose from our Standard Home Seller Drainage Survey or our Home Seller Drainage Survey Plus for everything you need to know to stay on the front foot.

Our difference coverage

Site diagram

Showing where the drainage system runs.

Septic tank service emptying

Sizing checks

Confirmation (or otherwise) that the tank is adequately sized for the property.

Our difference impartial

Regulations check

Guidance on whether the drainage set up is in line with current regulations and whether it will comply with the 2020 legislation change.

Septic tank service repairs

Damage report

Reporting of any damage found within the tank which may cause problems e.g. splits, fractures or any root ingress.

Septic tank service survey

Condition checks

Confirmation (or otherwise) that all elements of the system infrastructure are in place and in good working order.

Our difference values


Where issues are identified, we will provide recommendations (repair or replacement) and guideline costs.

Please note that the Standard survey is a fixed price irrespective of the size of the property. However, the Plus survey price applies to properties with up to six bedrooms. For larger properties requiring a Plus survey, please contact us to discuss.

UKDP team member onsite drainage inspection with camera
Your survey

What’s involved?

One of our friendly field engineers will visit your property at a time convenient to you. They will undertake a complete investigation of all areas of the drainage system that they can access and observe, depending on the level of survey you choose. Following the visit, we will compile the report, along with our conclusions and recommendations, and provide that to you shortly after the survey has been undertaken. This can then be shared with any potential purchasers if you wish. You can, of course, come back and seek further clarity or ask any follow-up questions. We are here to help.

Please note that for both types of survey offered, the tank at the property will need to be emptied on the same day as the survey is carried out. This is to ensure that the full structure of the tank can be clearly assessed, and the tank can be observed once emptied. This is not included in the cost of the survey. However, we can assist you in arranging this if that would help.

UKDP team answering septic tank enquiry in office

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