Your damaged drainage system could be covered by your buildings insurance

We could save you thousands of pounds by claiming against your existing building insurance and, best of all, we can do it all for you.

Did you know?

  • 85% of buildings insurance policies provide cover for damaged septic tanks and other off mains drainage systems.
  • We successfully appeal over 90% of claims that are initially rejected.
  • We have successfully managed over 3,000 claims for homeowners like you.
  • The cost to you is the excess on your policy - typically £100. Our costs are covered by your insurer.
  • On average, we spend 30.5 hours or 4 working days on each claim we manage.
Simple & easy

How does it work?

Many property owners are unaware that typically, buildings insurance policies provide cover for damaged off mains drainage systems, such as septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspits and soakaway systems.

Of course, your policy won’t provide cover if your drainage system has failed simply due to age, and if there is no actual damage visible. But policies will typically provide cover for unexpected damage to septic tanks, which causes the drainage system to cease functioning as it should.

Here at UKDP we offer a unique combination of off mains drainage and insurance claims management expertise. We have helped more than 3,000 property owners save thousands of £’s by getting the costs of repairing or replacing their damaged drainage system covered by their buildings insurance policy. Our specialist expertise in this area means that we can quickly and accurately assess whether your septic tank problem is likely to be covered. If it is, we can then manage the claim on your behalf, liaising with your insurer throughout the claim, and managing any works required at your property.

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Want to know if you could be covered by your existing buildings insurance?

Check out our online eligibility checker. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll be able to advise whether you could have a valid claim.

The claims process

  • Give us a call and we’ll gather the information we need from you, and check that you have the right cover in place.
  • We’ll visit your property for a thorough investigation of your drainage system, to find out exactly what’s happening, and to ascertain whether the damage will be covered by your policy.
  • We’ll create a report - this will be thorough and detailed to satisfy exacting insurance industry standards.
  • We’ll register the claim on your behalf, and handle all ongoing communications with the insurer including meeting with their representatives at your property and handling any technical questions they might have.
  • We’ll negotiate the settlement of your claim, ensuring that any works agreed will provide you with a long term solution, and that they are fully compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • We’ll get the required works booked in with our local contractor partner, running through everything with you prior to any works starting. We won’t sign off until you confirm you are satisfied with the works carried out.

Find out if you have a valid claim.

We are a friendly team of specialists with decades of combined experience in the off mains drainage world. Get in touch to find out if you have a valid claim.

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Common problems

What type of damage is typically covered?

We’ve compiled a list of the types of damage typically covered by insurers. Don’t worry - we’ll be able to determine if you are covered by asking some questions. If we aren’t sure then we’ll send a friendly field engineer out to have a look. We only present claims that we are convinced are valid.

Common problems you could be covered for:

  • Tree root damage
  • Ground movement
  • Collapsed Baffle
  • Damage caused by a vehicle
  • Damage to Dip Pipes
  • Hydrostatic pressure

You can read more about common problems over in the blog...

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Not your typical claims management company

  • We only present claims that our investigations show are valid and likely to be successful.
  • We uniquely combine knowledge of the insurance policies with Septic Tank expertise. That means we will always make sure you get a resolution that is compliant and fit for purpose.
  • We will continue to manage your claim all the way through to appealing incorrect rejections to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • We have a dedicated team of claims handlers who will keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your claim.
  • We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 581255), so you can rest assured that we have all the necessary permissions to liaise with your insurer on your behalf.
Our Difference

Why choose us to manage your claim?

Of course, you could present a claim to the insurer yourself. But it’s not as easy as a quick phone call to your insurer and a cheque in the post.

Dealing with a claim for a drainage problem is far more complicated than it might seem. In order for a claim to be successful, you need to be able to evidence the damage that exists, and to demonstrate that what’s happened to your drainage system is covered by your specific policy wording.

You’d also need to be able to deal with technical queries about what’s happened and to discuss the problems during a site visit with your insurer’s representatives.

If your insurer accepted the claim, you’d need to make sure that whatever they were recommending would represent a long term solution, not a quick fix.

You’d also need to know that it was completely compliant with all regulations. If your insurer declined the claim, but you didn’t agree with them, you’d need to escalate it through the formal complaints process and on to the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary.

Sounds complicated? It’s why we exist. We take the headache away from property owners across the UK, managing everything from start to finish, and dealing with any challenges if they arise. In short, it is great to have us on your side.

A very big thank-you to you all at UKDP. We were very impressed with how our claim was handled, we would never have coped with this ourselves. A special thanks to James who worked very hard with our difficult case, he was always kind, considerate, very punctual and made us feel at ease all of the time.

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Find out if you have a valid claim.

Why pay when you could already be covered? We are a friendly team of specialists with decades of combined experience in off mains drainage claims.

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