Septic Tank Inspections

For most homeowners with a septic tank it can be almost impossible to know if their drainage system is working efficiently and effectively. Often, it is only when the system starts to fail, and the tell tale signs of unpleasant smells and frequent emptying start to materialise, that they are alerted to a potential problem.

Why are inspections needed?

It is always best to get on the front foot at the first signs of trouble. With any luck, it can be quickly and easily resolved. However, it could be a sign that the system is damaged, and ignoring the early warning signs can lead to bigger problems. With the cost of replacing a septic tank often being upwards of £10,000, that can be quite a headache.

To help homeowners with septic tanks avoid such situations we offer an annual health check service. Think of it as an MOT for your septic tank.

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What's involved?

One of our field engineers will visit the property and give the septic tank a thorough investigation. We’ll provide you with a summary report and the engineer will note any issues and make recommendations. If you ever decide to sell your home, you can use the reports to evidence that you have looked after the drainage system as diligently as you have the other aspects of the property.

Our engineer needs to be able to inspect all areas of the system so a health check should be coincided with your annual empty. Why not give us a call next time you schedule an empty and we can book you in for a health check? It could end up saving you thousands of £’s.

Buying or selling a house with a septic tank?

We have specially tailored survey solutions for both home buyers and home sellers. Click here for more information about surveys for buyers or here if you are selling a property with a septic tank.

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Does the septic tank need to be emptied for an inspection?

Yes, it is important to make sure that the septic tank is emptied just prior to an inspection. There are two reasons for this – firstly it can give the engineer an opportunity to observe the tank after emptying, as water returning into the tank from the outlet pipework can be a sign of a problem. Secondly, the structure of the tank itself can be inspected, for any signs of damage such as root ingress. An inspection carried out without the septic tank being emptied will be limited in its results.

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How frequently should I have my septic tank inspected?

If you are experiencing any problems with your septic tank, or purchasing a property with a septic tank, it is imperative that you have a septic tank inspection as soon as possible. There is no requirement for a regular inspection, however problems which are identified before they manifest themselves above ground can often be more easily resolved, so it is worth considering a regular septic tank health check to stay on top of this.

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