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Are you buying a property connected to mains drainage? Our Home Buyer Drain Survey can give you peace of mind and help to avoid any last-minute problems.

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Buying a property is typically the biggest investment you will make, and knowing exactly what you are taking on is crucial to avoiding any costly problems once you become the owner.

Whilst most buyers recognise the need to have a building survey carried out on any property they intend on buying, many do not realise that this rarely covers a condition survey of the property’s drains. Most building surveyors do not carry the necessary equipment for a drain survey, and will only comment on any issues which have already become noticeable above ground.

However, there can be many issues with a property’s drains which may not be noticeable above ground, but which can quickly become a headache for new owners, for example:

  • Damaged pipework caused by tree roots or ground movement
  • Manholes which may have been built over
  • Leaking drains which can lead to subsidence

Furthermore, it’s not always clear where drainage pipes run, and who is responsible for them – depending on the location of the pipe and which property/properties it serves, it could be the responsibility of the local water company or even a neighbour.

Who benefits from having a Home Buyer Drain Survey carried out?

In short – everyone!

Whether you are a prospective purchaser looking to know exactly what you are taking on, or even a property seller looking to get on the front foot in presenting your property in the best way to purchasers, a Home Buyer Drain Survey is crucial. Getting a drain survey carried out sooner rather than later can smooth the path of the transaction and prevent any last-minute glitches.

We are also often contacted by landlords looking for confirmation of the condition of the property’s drains prior to a new tenant moving in, as it can protect them against the cost of future damage or problems caused by misuse.

The UK Drainage Professionals Home Buyer Drain Survey will give you peace of mind for just £300 + VAT

Our highly experienced drainage engineers are fully equipped with CCTV to carry out a full CCTV inspection of the drains serving your property for just £300 + VAT. Your Home Buyer Drain Survey will cover:

  • A full investigation of the structural condition of the drains, and any remedial works which may be required
  • Images and video from the CCTV survey undertaken
  • The costs of any remedial works required

You will be provided with a detailed report enabling you to buy or sell your property with confidence.

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