Septic Tank or Soakaway Problems?
We’ll fix that.

Call us. We could save you thousands of pounds by claiming on your buildings insurance.

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How does it work?

We are UKDP, the UK's only off mains drainage claims specialists. We are the experts in getting the costs of fixing septic tank or soakaway problems covered by your buildings insurer. We'll check if you are covered, and if you are, we'll manage the claim from start to finish. The only cost to you is the excess on your policy.

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Why choose UKDP?

When it comes to getting your off mains drainage problems fixed, it's great to have us on your side.

  • UKDP have helped over 3,000 customers claim successfully

  • The only cost to you - is the excess on your policy – typically around £100

  • 90% of buildings insurance policies cover off mains drainage damage

  • We successfully appeal 96% of rejected claims

Expert advice and support

Visit our knowledge hub and discover a wealth of advice and guidance created by our in-house experts. It's everything you ever wanted to know about off mains drainage but were maybe afraid to ask. It's full of useful hints, tips and advice designed to help get the very most from your drainage system. 

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Buying an off mains property?

Book your home buyer drainage survey now. A property's drainage system is no less integral than its foundations or its roof, and your property is the biggest investment you will ever make. Don't make a move without knowing exactly what you're taking on. We'll ensure there's no nasty, expensive or whiffy surprises once you move in. 

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