Another shared septic tank problem sorted!

Septic tank damage | By Sam Warren

Septic tank problems can be pretty unpleasant at the best of times. But for those homeowners with a shared drainage system, a shared septic tank problem can cause real headaches!

Septic tanks typically just serve one property, but sometimes they can be shared by ten or more. Now, this makes life a little more complicated when it comes to arranging regular emptying, but when the septic tank gets damaged, it can get even more tricky to sort out. The good news is that most insurance policies cover damage to septic tanks, you don't need specific septic tank insurance in place. But when there are numerous properties and lots of different insurers involved, where do you even start?

Getting your shared septic tank problem sorted

Here at UKDP, we are the only UK experts in managing insurance claims for damaged drainage systems such as septic tanks, cesspits, sewage treatment plants and soakaway systems. It may be a little niche, but if you are having shared septic tank problems then you are definitely in the right place! We work on behalf of property owners to get the costs of replacing or repairing their damaged septic tank covered by their buildings insurance policy. In particular, we have lots of experience in managing shared septic tank claims, where there are a number of different property owners.

We can co-ordinate property owners, insurers and loss adjusters to get each claim settled as quickly as possible. Once we have made light work of that, we arrange for one of our trusted contractor partners to get the works carried out to a high standard and compliant with all legislation. The only cost to the property owners is any excess on their policy if their claim is successful.

Above is a huge new sewage treatment plant on its way to its new home in Kendal earlier today. We were initially contacted by a homeowner who shared their septic tank with 7 other properties. The tank had split which was letting in huge amounts of ground water. All this meant that the tank was filling up again as soon as it was emptied, causing chaos for the property owners. We held a meeting for the homeowners to chat about how we could help, and quickly got to work. We co-ordinated each insurer and loss adjuster to get each claim agreed as soon as possible. We then appointed our trusted installer in that area to make sure that works are completed to the highest standard - leaving the property owners stress free with a fully functioning drainage system again!

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