New sewer connection to replace failed drainage system

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Case study - how the UK Drainage Professionals team helped our customer replace a failed drainage system

Our customer contacted us due to a failed off mains drainage system which was causing problems at their property. They wanted to explore the possible solutions to the problem, including a new sewer connection which would enable them to discharge straight to the main sewer.

It isn't always an option to have a new sewer connection to replace an off mains drainage system for a number of reasons, and the main challenge is proximity to the nearest main sewer - the further the distance, the greater the cost. The first stage in our process is to attend site and to carry out a full investigation as to the proximity of the mains drainage, and any challenges that might exist in connecting the property to it. There was a main sewer located close enough to our customer's property, which meant that we were able to scope out the project, including all costs and specification of all the works required, and any requirements for road closure to enable the works to happen.

In this case, we needed to undertake a number of applications to gain the necessary permissions to carry out the works. This included:

  • Section 50 street works application to the local authority, in which we liaised with the other local service providers to ascertain the location of any other pipes or cables, set out plans for the traffic management required and provided confirmation of insurance and street works certifications
  • Section 106 application to seek the approval of the water and sewerage company who owned the sewer to connect to the pipework
  • Section 104 application to the water and sewerage to `adopt' the new pipework
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A section 50 street works application at the property covered the road closure required

The works were carried out quickly and efficiently by our qualified and accredited street works operatives, working to strict standards for reinstatements to the road - this meant that the local sewerage and water company Southern Water accepted the section 104 application for the newly installed pipework to be adopted. Southern Water were satisfied with the quality of the reinstatements, and our customer was delighted with the completed works within their property boundary. A job well done!

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Sam Warren's Photo
Written by Sam Warren

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