Lockdown 3.0 update: We continue to operate normally.

Our field engineers continue to undertake on-site inspections and surveys. They do not need to physically enter your property. Enhanced C-19 measures are in place to ensure the safety of all.

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Business as usual for UKDP

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Written by Sam Warren

Given the nature of our work, our staff already abide by the tightest of hygiene and safety controls. We have these in place to protect customers, staff, the environment and our business. It is important to note that our field engineers can always complete an inspection without needing to enter the home or speak directly with anyone on site.

Additional layers of safety and protection

In response to the unprecedented circumstances, we have moved quickly to introduce enhanced safety guidelines that will further protect our customers and staff.

For example, our field engineers will avoid all physical contact on site, staying a minimum of 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times, and will seek to enter and leave site without any in-person interaction with the property owner.

We are also proactively asking customers if they, or anyone in their household, are experiencing any symptoms and, if required, delaying site visits until after those symptoms have passed.

These measures are designed to give you complete confidence. We will continue to monitor the situations closely and work with Health & Safety specialists to ensure that confidence is justified and maintained.

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Sam Warren's Photo
Written by Sam Warren

Sam's career prior to UKDP was spent in the marketing and service industries, so she is focused on making sure we look after our customers – and getting the UKDP message out there! Sam has overall responsibility for business operations and for delivering the best customer service we can.