Septic Tank Health Check

It’s time to give your septic tank a little TLC. Book your septic tank health check today!

Cars get an MOT every year, to make sure that they are safe and roadworthy, and also to highlight any problems that – if ignored – might cause an even bigger headache. Your septic tank might be out of sight underground (and luckily you don’t have to drive it to work every day) but it can cost just as much as a new car to replace.

And it’s not just about the cost, because a damaged septic tank can cause all sorts of pollution problems. Not only is this bad news for the local environment, it can also land you in hot water with the local authority or Environment Agency who can take enforcement action against you if your septic tank is found to be causing a problem.

The answer? Book a septic tank health check today, and give your septic tank its own MOT.

Not only can this give you peace of mind, but it can also provide you with a record of having looked after your septic tank properly – which could prove invaluable if you were to sell your property in the future.

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What’s involved in a septic tank health check?

Our engineer will visit your property, ideally when your tank is being emptied in order to give us a full view of the walls of the tank. A camera is lowered into the tank to observe the walls, carrying out a full 360 degree assessment of the tank. At the same time, our engineer will be able to observe whether there is any waste water re-entering the tank from the soakaway system. This can be a sign that all is not well with the pipework, and our engineer can usually check for any issues (depending on access to the pipework).

You’ll be provided with a copy of our Service Book, which is a great way to record our visits to your property to undertake a septic tank health check. With septic tanks needing to be emptied annually, why not make a note to book our engineer to carry out your health check each time?

What happens if a problem is noticed during the septic tank health check?

Hopefully, your septic tank health check will show that everything is working just fine underground, and you don’t need to take any further action.

Occasionally, a problem might be found – but it’s better to know about any issues before they start bubbling up above ground. Sometimes, a problem identified early can be quicker and easier to resolve. If our engineer spots a problem, we can let you know what might need to be done to rectify it.

Certain types of damage are covered by most buildings insurance policies, and UKDP is the only UK specialist in managing insurance claims for damaged septic tanks. This means that if any damage is found, our team would be able to manage everything on your behalf, from start to finish.

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