Septic tank tree root problems

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Is your septic tank having tree root problems?

With your septic tank tucked away out of sight underground, it’s difficult to know what’s going on down there. If you start to get problems with your septic tank, it can get even trickier – how can you fix something when you can’t even see what’s happened?

Many gardens have well established trees or shrubs within their boundary, and often there’s no problem and they coexist quite happily with a septic tank. But sometimes property owners can have tree root problems in their septic tank, or the pipework running to and from the tank. Tree roots can be quite a formidable force underground and can be strong enough to break through the walls of a septic tank, or to penetrate the pipework it connects to. Once this has happened, it can lead to problems such as groundwater leaking into the tank, or blockages in the pipework caused by a build-up of tree roots.

So, how do you know if your septic tank has tree root problems, and what can you do about it? Unless you can see any tree roots above ground through manhole covers or inspection chambers, it’s likely that you’d only know of tree root problems if you have been told by someone who’s spotted them – perhaps the tanker operative when your system was last emptied. If tree roots have caused a problem in your septic tank, then you’ll need some expert advice. It can often be difficult to carry out any repairs on tree root damage, because the structural integrity of the tank is compromised once tree roots have broken through the walls. Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as cutting them out and patching it up, and in many cases a replacement tank is required. If you’ve been told that a repair is possible, it’s usually good to get a second opinion on that, because the longevity of such a repair can’t usually be guaranteed, and in some cases it could invalidate a manufacturer warranty on the tank.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – if an expert notices that the tree root damage is to the pipework running from your property to the septic tank, it’s possible that the roots can be cut out and the pipework repaired which is both less intrusive and less costly. So, it’s important to know what you are dealing with before you worry about what the solution might look like.

Did you know?

Most buildings insurance policies will provide cover for tree root problems in septic tanks, as well as within the pipework running to and from them. Here at UKDP, we are experts both in septic tanks and managing insurance claims for property owners to get any problems sorted out. Handy, right? So, if you suspect tree root problems somewhere in your drainage system, or you’ve been advised that tree roots have been noticed, get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help.

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Sam Warren's Photo
Written by Sam Warren

Sam's career prior to UKDP was spent in the marketing and service industries, so she is focused on making sure we look after our customers – and getting the UKDP message out there! Sam has overall responsibility for business operations and for delivering the best customer service we can.

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