Septic Tank Winter Care Maintenance Tips!

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As the nights draw in and there is a distinct chill in the air, thoughts start to turn to getting the heating on. Something that might not be at the front of your mind is how best to look after your septic tank over the winter. Worry not, looking after it doesn't involve bringing it indoors and popping it in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Here's the UKDP guide to the best way to look after your septic tank this winter!

Septic tank problems can be particularly unpleasant at any time of year. No-one really wants to think about what happens after you flush your loo, but if you want to keep things working as they should be, it pays to be proactive. Septic tank problems can be easier to spot during the summer months, as we spend more time outside and we can see the first signs of trouble.

So how can you look after your septic tank during the winter?

Keep aware of signs of trouble

Even if you're not spending regular time in the garden, make a trip out to take a look at your septic tank and/or any soakaway system or drainage field you might have too. How do you know if there's a problem? There are some obvious signs of trouble above ground, which can include boggy patches of ground near the system, or unusually lush areas of grass or weeds. This means that your septic tank soakaway system may not be working as it should be, and waste is making its way to ground level.

Make sure your tanker company takes care when emptying your tank

In winter months, as we know, there is unfortunately a lot more rain! This can significantly increase the level of water in the ground around your tank. In extreme cases, this can put such huge pressure on the tank that it can be pushed up and out of the ground! The risk is greatest when the tank is being emptied, removing the weight of the contents of the tank which can hold it in place. It's vital for tank emptying companies to take extra care in winter.

Check the cover to your tank and any manhole covers

These are exposed to conditions above ground as well as gasses from within the system, and frost damage in particular can be a problem. Before the cold snap hits, take a look and make sure they are in good nick. Then take an occasional look over winter - if you think something might have changed, call us for advice or email a picture to and we'll take a look for you.

Get a septic tank inspection

Septic tanks need regular emptying, and whilst this is essential maintenance, it doesn't include a proactive look for any early signs of trouble. Cars have a regular MOT, so why shouldn't your septic tank get the same TLC? Especially as the cost to replace your septic tank might be the same as to replace your car!

The team at UKDP can carry out an inspection of your septic tank which looks at the condition of the tank itself, and if there are any issues it means that they can be dealt with quickly. It's a great way to get peace of mind that all is as it should be. If you'd like to get a regular septic tank health, we can also provide you with a log book which can be really useful way to show that you've looked after your septic tank in future if you should come to sell your property.

So, there's no need to wrap a scarf around your septic tank, but a little TLC over the winter really will go a long way. Check out our blogs and guides for further information. Why not sign up for our periodic newsletter as well?

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Written by Sam Warren

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